Everyone is looking to get off the dependency of grid power whose cost is constantly fluctuating. Our solutions allow us to take almost anything requiring power completely off-grid.


This represents our current solutions. However, our clients are constantly finding new applications for products.

Whether you need 100KW


Whether you need 100KW or 1GW, we have relationships with Tier 1 manufacturers who can ensure you have panels when you need them.

Whether you require

Energy Storage

Whether you require a 4 hour or 36 hour energy storage solution, we have the energy storage solution to meet your requirements.

Custom mounting structures

Mounting Structure

Custom mounting structures for canopies and roof mounted installations using Magnelis and hot rolled steel.

We can design and provide


We can design and provide microgrid solutions that allow you to be completely off-grid and green without having to implement a generator.

Our supercapacitor energy

UPS/Backup Solutions

Our supercapacitor energy solutions are the most resilient and efficient solutions for UPS and Backup Solutions.

Our solution can provide

EV Charging

Our solution can provide our customers with the ability to provide Level 3 and 4 EV Charging anywhere without the need to be connected to the electrical grid.

With the help of our partners

Off-Grid Green Hydrogen Production

With the help of our partners, we have found the most economical way to produce green hydrogen completely off-grid.

Our residential energy storage

Residential Energy Storage

Our residential energy storage solution, the EN-Wall, is the most resilient and long lasting on the market.

With the Oasis, we can help

Commercial Energy Storage

With the Oasis, we can help commercial customers to reduce energy costs by reducing their dependency on grid power.

Our telecom solution


Our telecom solution has already been adopted by many large telcos and can provide off-grid power at any location.

What We Have Here for You

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24x7 Access

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Conference Room​

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Gigabit Internet​

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Week's Supplies​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that we are always asked.

We can store energy for months with only minimal degradation. We recently shipped a container which took 40 days to reach its final destination and the modules arrived with 99.1% charge.

Very little. Supercapacitors produce energy electrostatically and not chemical, so there is nothing to degrade. Hence, we get over 500,000 cycles with our supercapacitors and warranty them for 20 years.

Since we are not chemical based, there is no threat of overheating or catching fire. In fact, supercapacitors temperature barely changes, and if they are in a fire, they do not add to the fire and just burn to ashes.

First, our supercapacitors will probably last for over 30 years. However, they are 100% recyclable and 70% biodegradable. Our supercapacitors are graphene based, and we do not mine for our graphene.

Commercially, we can support from 160kWh to gigawatt hours. Residentially, we can support from 5 kWh to 20 kWh with a single EN-Wall, our residential storage product. Our EN-Wall comes in both single and three phase so can also support commercial use and can be increased for commercial use as well.

Yes, our operating temperature range without any degradation is from -30° C to 60° C.

Our depth of discharge is 100%, so you can use all of the energy stored with harming the supercapacitors.

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