Martin Global Renewables prides itself on implementing the best in class and proven renewable energy solutions. The technologies we deploy must be resilient, self-sustaining and proven.

Take a peek at the technology we are currently deploying!

Implementing renewables is the mandate and focus of almost everyone in the world. MGR is assisting in helping our clients to design and implement the latest technologies that will provide the best return through being efficient, having a long life, and low OPEX.


The Oasis is a complete Energy Storage Solution that utilizes solid-state, graphene based supercapacitors.


The Juolie is our Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) that comes ready to deploy.


EN-Wall is our residential storage solution utilizing our supercapacitor technology.


EN-Charge is our graphene encapsulated Level 3 and 4 EV Charger.

TOPCON Solar Panels

TOPCON solar panels are providing customers with solar panels with greater efficiencies.

Everyone is looking to get off the dependency

Passion Is What Drives Us

We’re not just determined about doing great work.
We also love doing it.

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