EV Charging

The biggest limitation of electric vehicles is the availability of high-speed chargers. No one wants to wait hours for a charge. The deployment of ultra-fast Level 3 and 4 chargers will aid the growth and acceptance of electric vehicles. The problem is that the grid does not support the quick deployment of Level 3 and 4 chargers where they are needed most – in remote locations. With the Oasis, we can put Level 3 and 4 chargers anywhere and everywhere.

Power to Support Level 3 and 4 EV Charging 24 hours a Day

Level 3 and 4 EV Chargers require the ability to push a large amount of power via a DC connection. The Oasis is capable of providing and managing this power day and night and can withstand the multiple cycles required to support EV charging.

Regardless of the location and if the grid can support it or not, we can provide support for Level 3 and 4 EV chargers, anywhere.

Level 3 and 4 EV Chargers require

We understand that lithium-based solutions are still the right solution for some applications. Hence, we have partnered with a leading provider of lithium BESS renowned for having quality, resilient systems.

The Joulie is a containerized battery energy storage system designed for commercial and industrial applications. It implements active balancing to extend the life and efficiency of the batteries and comes ready to deploy with inverters included.

We can also provide EV chargers
more competitive prices

EV Chargers

We can also provide EV chargers that are more dependable and at more competitive prices and are fully integrated with our ESS.

World's first Graphene Encapsulated EV Charger
Under 6 mins EV Fully
Stores Energy and disburses it at 10C rate
EV Monitoring Application
Wide Temp Range -30° to 60°C
Offer charging options for any make of eletric vehicle
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