Energy Storage

Renewable energy is not effective without an energy storage solution. We have solutions for both short-term and long-term energy storage. Whether our customers want to store energy for four hours or twenty-four hours, we have the solution.

The Oasis

We have partnered with Harnyss and Emtel to provide a clean, zero-carbon, energy storage solution. 

Our energy storage solution features solid-state, graphene-based supercapacitors for energy storage and a complete green hydrogen solution containing low pressure, safe hydrogen storage, electrolyzer, fuel cell, and atmospheric water capture system to provide backup power. Our ESS comes with inverters, an energy management system, the ability to blend power, and an AC or DC.

We have partnered with Harnyss and Emtel

The Joulie

We understand that lithium-based solutions are still the right solution for some applications. Hence, we have partnered with a leading provider of lithium BESS renowned for having quality, resilient systems.

The Joulie is a containerized battery energy storage system designed for commercial and industrial applications. It implements active balancing to extend the life and efficiency of the batteries and comes ready to deploy with inverters included.

MGR has already been involved in
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