UPS / Backup Solutions

Typical UPS/Backup solutions require replacements within a few years and response times are very noticeable. Our solutions incorporating our solid-state supercapacitors can respond in nanoseconds are warrantied for twenty years. Install once and forget about it.

Providing superior resilience and efficiency

Martin Global Renewables, Inc. offers the most reliable UPS/Backup Solutions with our supercapacitor energy solutions. Our solutions provide superior resilience and efficiency, ensuring that your business is prepared for any and all outages or interruptions. 

With our solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your critical systems and data will remain safe and secure in any situation. 

The best-in-class energy storage systems

The Rack solution is designed for high power application which requires high amount of instant energy, specially in UPS backup application specially in cases where space is a limitation. 

Our solution includes a cabinet with state of art energy storage modules, pre-installed busbars, DC disconnects, overcurrent protection, communication cables, and monitoring hardware. 

Designed, assembled, and tested by the most experienced teams. Our system is the best-in-class energy storage systems that provides unparalleled safety, reliability, and performance. 

The Racked solution gives you a hassle free experience, peace of mind, and a robust performance.  

The Rack solution is designed
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